So, here we are, the end of 2018. is hours within our reach and we did not forgot about you! As we already promised, there are some gifts which are prepared in 2019. to be sent for those who want to participate in the lottery. Without too much ado here is some information on how to participate:

2. Follow the next link and fill in the survey for lottery participation:

2. Once you have filled in all the questions you are done, that is it!

We will check the answers with the highest points awarded who went through all of our survey questions to pick the winners. If there is a lot of successful winners with the same amount of points rewarded, you will be asked to randomly choose a number from 1-100 and we will publicly select those who are closest or those who guess a correct number from

And you wonder what will be the prizes? Well, here we go:

1st prize: Mystery gift, shhh! 😉

2nd prize: one sail purchased – next one gets 19% discount!

3rd prize: 19% shipping discount!

Our lottery will draw winners on 19th March 2019., make sure you enter our lottery with an order of min 100 EUR if you already didn’t create one on 

Enjoy and celebrate this evening, cheers! 

Sailboat RC Team