Finally, we have updated our new web page so that all of our dear customers can have a better Internet experience. This website is just one of many areas we are working on to improve overall satisfaction for our Kantun & 3Dmf customers around the world! As promised, we are working hard on reducing the waiting time for our radio controlled sailboats, despite an increasing number of orders. So, current rebranding to Sailboat RC will generate broad spectre of value. Also, stay tuned as we will soon bring updates on our IOM products, including some new products. Your thoughts on the new web page are more than welcome, please don’t hesitate even just to say ‘hi’ in comments below or in our contact form. There are also updates on our stock with all the other new IOM parts coming. We will have a more detailed announcement in future posts.

Also, if you are wondering why DragonForce RG65 images are included, it is because we are constantly working with our younger generations with that class. So far we have small upgrades on DragonForce RG65, including our new Sailboat RC sails (compliant to all the rules) and new transport cases made to fit perfectly all of the parts for the sailboat. The progress has been really promising, our younger generations are learning a lot about physics, sailing, aerodynamics and electronics while having fun and we cannot be more happy to see a big progress in Croatia with this class. 🙂

Sincerely yours,

Zvonko Jelačić and Sailboat RC team


P.S. There is a special video made for this update, please like & subscribe us on Youtube also: