• This is electronic service for our licensing and highly valued guidelines and optimization process in details. Our professional e-service enables the best tweaking and managing of your sailboat and it is a result of many years of experience, tracking of data and testing myriad of different tuning possibilities. A license is custom-ordered and arranged via email previously.
  • Rig Box

    Transport boxes for safe and reliable shipping and protection of your transport for every occasion! You can store four rigs in our rig box, and two of those can be A (No1). Also, you can store a rig with spreaders for faster rig change. Our rig box is well designed so that you can carry your boat stand inside and outside of it, all with just one hand which makes it easier to move around during regattas and transport. ADVICE FOR RIG BOX USERS: If you want to reduce the grip on mast holding point inside the Rig Box, just unscrew the bolt (screw) little bit. NOTICE: Real weight is cca. 4.5 kg (12kg is volume shipping weight)
  • This is strong Dyneema that we use on headsail boom topping lift and jib light wind sheet. For loop use a loop with an overhand knot, with bowsies just overhand knot at the end will do, fix with thin cyanoacrylate glue or seal the end with fire. Use a thin cyanoacrylate glue to stiffen the line where it is to be cut and use a sharp cutting knife (we use snap off blades to ensure a sharp edge) on a cutting mat to make a clean cut at an angle to the line. This provides a neat needle like a point that can be threaded through bowsies and other fittings.
  • Boat Stand

    $0.00$74.87 Excl, Vat
    • EUR: €67.00 - €67.00
    • GBP: £55.95 - £55.95
    • AUD: $108.27 - $108.27
    • HRK: Kn498.47 - Kn498.47
    The weight of boat stand is just 550g. Three positions of the boat on the stand can be used - upright or laying on the side and also middle one. Boat stands can be carried in the rig box - just secure them well. They can be carried on the outside edge of the rig box so you get a free hand. Leave 'Yes' selected to buy this product.
  • Formed from 1.2 mm dia stainless steel wire/ 15 mm x 6 mm.
  • Smooth high gloss plastic coated. Scratch protection with excellent grip.
  • Warm Glove Hand Air Shield Cover For RC Transmitter

    $0.00$23.47 Excl, Vat
    • EUR: €21.00 - €21.00
    • GBP: £17.54 - £17.54
    • AUD: $33.93 - $33.93
    • HRK: Kn156.24 - Kn156.24

    Change 'No' cover color option to your desired color to buy this product!


    It can fit your hands and the transmitter very well while blocking the cold air and wind. Soft and warm fuzzy material inside, excellent touch feeling with clever and beautiful design, it's convenient to wear. Suitable for a variety of transmitters, has velcro designed sleeves for adjustable size. Protects your hand from winter conditions or can be used as rain protection.


    Color: Black or Orange Transparent window size: 20 * 18 cm (7.87x7.08 in)

    Package List

    1 x Warm Glove for Transmitter Notes:
    1. The real colour of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness.
    2. Please allow 1-2cm differences due to manual measurement.
  • Jib Materials – BLANK

    $0.00$16.76 Excl, Vat
    • EUR: €3.00 - €15.00
    • GBP: £2.51 - £12.53
    • AUD: $4.85 - $24.24
    • HRK: Kn22.32 - Kn111.60
    This is a blank material which you can buy for your Jib sails.