$0.00$39.94 Excl, Vat
    • EUR: €36.00 - €36.00
    • GBP: £30.40 - £30.40
    • AUD: $58.28 - $58.28
    • HRK: Kn267.80 - Kn267.80
    Drum fits RMG winch and it is made by RMG Sailwinch under Sailboat RC drawings. It is used in all our bots since the 2014 year as they have proven excellent in our design. This drum has the outside spring in a loop that is keeping the tension. One of the best drum options you can use for IOM yachts. 103 Return Spring and 104 Ring SS included with the Drum.
  • RMG Winch

    $0.00$220.77 Excl, Vat
    • EUR: €199.00 - €199.00
    • GBP: £168.06 - £168.06
    • AUD: $322.18 - $322.18
    • HRK: Kn1,480.36 - Kn1,480.36
    RMG winch with XT60 male connector. High speed 285 size winch for IOM and similar classes. The 55zs3J spiral drums work well with this winch. The winch comes without the drum, so please order your drum here if needed: 
  • Laser cut from stainless steel. Designed to be used in a row of holes drilled at close intervals along an aluminium boom with 1.6 mm diameter drill. A simple and secure way to add a hook to a line is to pass the end of the line through the eye and make an overhand knot two times - leave 25-40mm rope after the hook in case of sheet line shrinking.
  • This is a small hook that enables attachment of jib forestay to the upper part of the mast.
  • For Jib attachment on Kantun S and for return line where is passing through spring. (check out other pictures to see the usage of "O" rings)
  • Always remove the lid over the RC equipment after sailing to allow the inside of the boat and the RC gear to dry properly. Wash in fresh water if contaminated with salt water for extra durability.
  • Deck Patches – spare item

    $9.65$11.87 Excl, Vat
    • EUR: €8.70 - €10.70
    • GBP: £7.35 - £9.04
    • AUD: $14.09 - $17.32
    • HRK: Kn64.72 - Kn79.60
    Spare set of self-adhesive deck patches for usage with a boat – 2 patches of each. This sticker is a custom order for the spare item if you want extra spare patches (without K2 sailboat on order). To apply the deck patches (dacron sticker) with the minimum effort and error use small splash (spray) of water. Use splash (spray) to spread the drops all over the deck surface where the patch will be fitted. Peel off the back material and place the patch over, water will allow you to move the patch around until properly placed. In warm, dry weather it may take 30-45 minutes to dry completely. Allow double of that time if it is cold.
  • M3 Hand Screw

    $4.88 Excl, Vat
    • EUR: €4.40 - €4.40
    • GBP: £3.72 - £3.72
    • AUD: $7.12 - $7.12
    • HRK: Kn32.73 - Kn32.73
  • A tension spring with a loop at each end for attachment to lines or other fittings.
  • Spring is made to release sheets up to 20mm in strong wind gusts. It is used for: - Self-release sheets system in strong gusts when sailing upwind, used to avoid luffing and drifting of the boat - It is possible to adjust the amount of sheets releasing by means of mainsheet post positioning lower (away) from the main boom so the system will function as “softer spring” - Jib releasing during gust while sailing down the wind Advice: - During wind shifting, conditions put mainsheet post app. 20mm under the boom, and under normal conditions put mainsheet post as close as possible to the boom.