WOOCS 2.1.8
  • Sailboat RC offers a bulb which is carbon coated with thin layer of gel coat over it for protection and then it is painted white for a smooth finish.
  • This is strong Dyneema that we use on headsail boom topping lift and jib light wind sheet. For loop use a loop with an overhand knot, with bowsies just overhand knot at the end will do, fix with thin cyanoacrylate glue or seal the end with fire. Use a thin cyanoacrylate glue to stiffen the line where it is to be cut and use a sharp cutting knife (we use snap off blades to ensure a sharp edge) on a cutting mat to make a clean cut at an angle to the line. This provides a neat needle like a point that can be threaded through bowsies and other fittings.
  • RMG Winch

    $0.00$223.88 Excl, Vat
    • EUR: €199.00 - €199.00
    • GBP: £172.08 - £172.08
    • AUD: $312.81 - $312.81
    • HRK: Kn1,479.57 - Kn1,479.57
    --OUT OF STOCK-- RMG winch with XT60 male connector. High speed 290 size winch for IOM and similar classes. The 55zs3J spiral drums work well with this winch. The winch comes without the drum, so please order your drum here if needed: 
  • Sail/Deck Patch Material

    $11.25 Excl, Vat
    • EUR: €10.00 - €10.00
    • GBP: £8.65 - £8.65
    • AUD: $15.72 - $15.72
    • HRK: Kn74.35 - Kn74.35
    approx. 1.4 metre length x 0.5 metre width 140 g/metre2, self-adhesive Dacron, extremely suitable for sail reinforcement!
  • Laser cut from stainless steel. Designed to be used in a row of holes drilled at close intervals along an aluminium boom with 1.6 mm diameter drill. A simple and secure way to add a hook to a line is to pass the end of the line through the eye and make an overhand knot two times - leave 25-40mm rope after the hook in case of sheet line shrinking.
  • Always remove the lid over the RC equipment after sailing to allow the inside of the boat and the RC gear to dry properly. Wash in fresh water if contaminated with salt water for extra durability.
  • Use on the fin. Stainless Steel M3x40mm Hex Socket.
  • Use for M3 hex screw. Nickel plated 2.5mm hex Allen key.