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Sailboat RC custom sails – a unique one-piece technology of production:We create poetry with sails.

If purchased today, custom sails vary and will be sent ASAP if it is email arranged. Custom patches sails within 30 days. Custom material & shaping sails within 100 days (email advised).

Jib and Mainsail use a wire luff encased in a pocket as standard. The wire is supplied with sails. Telltales are fitted to jib.
Under default, sails are made in materials: A(No1) Jib in 36 µm translucency, A(No1) Mainsail in 50 µm translucency.

Luff pocket on Mainsail and Jib is made wide enough so you can keep your original rig wire in case of sail change, which is very good so you don’t lose your trim or angle of the mast.

All measurements which are left empty will be created with our estimate and expertise.



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Customs sails are made with high expertise and proven performance. Our technology was innovated on the bases of IOM class so that we are able to produce high quality sails even for custom orders.

There were many years of extensive sails trials and testing and improvement of our sail manufacturing technology. The result we have now is a sail design & manufacture process which is more intuitive and easy to trim.

New sailmaking technology was developed in mid-2014 allowing easy exchange of the sails. Manufacturing time was shortened and sails made using new technologies are generally better than the old ones.

Starting from 2015, translucency sail material is used for sail making.

We had amazing new results and we improved our sails even more in 2016 because our new sails proved better in the majority of wind speeds and other conditions.

Sailboat RC will continue our extensive R&D of new sail shapes and material processing, so you can be sure that sails offered on our website as custom sails are the great option for your beloved RC sailboat, no matter the size or design.

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