DragonForce 65 V6 2018 RC Sailboat / RC Yacht

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DF65 V6 (RTR)–Joysway original 2.4 GHz radio transmitter & receiver, boat batteries, Futaba extension lead & M3 Dual-Lock™ included
DF65 V6 (ARTR)–Joysway original 2.4 GHz radio transmitter & receiver, boat batteries, Futaba extension lead & M3 Dual-Lock™ not included


In the world RC sailing everything starts with the class DF RG65 which is a huge part of the total world fleet. These RC yachts have a hull length of 65 cm and are one of the best in the RG65 class due to numerous advantages. They are easy to handle, demand a lower level of initial knowledge, own fair robustness and the majority of users can rely on intuition when learning to navigate with radio controller in hands. Moreover, it is also necessary to emphasize the exceptional performance of the DragonForce RG65 sailboats, which proved to be very fast, agile and reliable at various weather conditions through numerous regattas. Also, fun is an inseparable part of this innovative story which is conducted by Sailboat RC company as well.

Highlighted features:
– 65cm long hull, ICT design, ABS white plastic, new version 6 (V6)
– New sails are constructed from 50-micron Mylar film and have minimalistic modern design & improved performance
– The Joysway radio controller (both transmitter & receiver): a reliable and characteristic control unit for your RC sailboat/RC yacht which has enabled options such as mechanical channel reverse & end point adjustment (to intensify or lower the throw on the rudder & sail winch),
– DragonForce 65 RC yachts have been improved for racing,
– The digital rudder servo has a 10% increase in torque and improved electronics,
– Astonishing new visual “touch” in V6 2018,
– Bow bumper from rubber material decreases potential damage,
– Extremely good sailing performance,
– Long aluminum alloy keel and zinc alloy ballast make great and recognizable DragonForce 65 sign,
– More than 10 different tuning adjustments available,
– DF65 has carbon mast included, there is less rigging: no shrouds & spreaders,
– Easy setup,
– Advanced settings (not included in this package, can be bought in our Shop) are available with plenty of spares & accessories together with 3 further rigs & sails settings which enable sailing & fun in extreme wind or almost zero wind,
– Sailboat RC is also supplying a Futaba extension lead & M3 Dual-Lock™ fasteners to position a rechargeable battery pack alongside the fin box for better balance and overall performance in RTR version,
– There are more than 16,000 RC sailors having fun within DragonForce family, join us together!

So, all you need to do is unpack the box and let the fun begins: It takes a couple of hours to finish the build with the comprehensive instructions which are included inside the box, depending on your familiarity of professional RC yachts of course.

Reminder: ARTR version requires you to add manually (not included inside ARTR package) a transmitter, receiver, batteries, Futaba extension lead and M3 Dual-Lock™ fasteners which will position batteries right next to fin box under mast for better balance and performance. Both ARTR and RTR versions require assembly which can be sometimes time-consuming or hard for younger children. We also supply DragonForce 65 Premium version which will is fully assembled, trimmed by actual World and European Champion in RC sailing, equipped by special DragonForce suitcase for safe and easy transport and has improved durability and water resistance!

Our DragonForce 65 is a spectacular RC sailboat with amazing performances for “65 class” measurements! If you are total beginner we trust that you can completely assemble the whole RC yacht in one afternoon by carefully following the instructions.

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Shipping weight 5 kg
Dimensions 85 x 35 x 18 cm
DragonForce 65 Options/Version:

Almost Ready To Race (ARTR): €131, Ready To Race (RTR): €168


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