Dyneema 5m – 30kg 0.7mm Soft-weak

1.20 Excl, Vat

Available on backorder

Available on backorder


This is soft – weak Dyneema that we use with all the bowsies (except on Headsail front stay and pivot point)
For loop use a loop with an overhand knot, with bowsies just overhand knot at the end will do, fix with thin cyanoacrylate glue or seal the end with fire. Use a thin cyanoacrylate glue to stiffen the line where it is to be cut and use a sharp cutting knife (we use snap off blades to ensure a sharp edge) on a cutting mat to make a clean cut at an angle to the line. This provides a neat needle like a point that can be threaded through bowsies and other fittings.

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