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Dyneema 9m – 36kg 0.3mm


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This rope is used for sheetings of the main boom and jib boom and also for backstay crane rope for A and B rigs. It is also used for return line inside the hull and also for small loops that are tied around the mast and connect your mainsail luff line to the mast.

It will be packed and rolled on the blue spool so you can recognize it among others.

In stock

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This is strong Dyneema that we use on back stay, return loop line and jib and main sheet.
For loop use a loop with an overhand knot, with bowsies just overhand knot at the end will do, fix with thin cyanoacrylate glue or seal the end with fire. Use a thin cyanoacrylate glue to stiffen the line where it is to be cut and use a sharp cutting knife (we use snap off blades to ensure a sharp edge) on a cutting mat to make a clean cut at an angle to the line. This provides a neat needle like a point that can be threaded through bowsies and other fittings.

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