Kantun “S” IOM Custom Boat

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If purchased today, Kantun S + Rigs&Sails will be manufactured and sent to you within: 10 months.

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Boats are offered with following items included:

Kantun S hull is moulded by expert shipbuilder Robert Grubiša & Sailboat RC Team.
Craig Smith created fin and rudder.
The bulb is made in a metal mould.
The sailboat will be ready for installation of RMG winch (with self-tensioning spiral drum) and standard rudder servo size.
Sailboat RC servo/tiller connector.
Set of black deck patches.
Comprehensive instruction how to finish the boat.
Fin/bulb and rudder are mounted using purposely made jigs for correct alignment with the hull.
Boats are tested for leakage and quality checked before delivery.
Curing temperature of the moulded part is 35-40 deg Celsius.

The hull outer shell surface is made by applying pigmented epoxy gel coat. Hull laminate is a matrix of glass matt and rowing and epoxy resin.
Pigmented epoxy gel coat is used rather than paint. Main advantages are:
–  The outer shell surface is hard&resistant and hydrodynamic smooth surface is easier to maintain during the boat lifetime,
– Gel coat is contributing to the overall ability of the hull shell to retain the original shape better than a layer of primer and/or paint which are just adding the weight,
– Scratches over the time are less visible,
– Repairs are straightforward – pigmented epoxy resin filler in cracks will solve the problems efficiently,
– Easy restore of original surface finish by means of wet sanding and polishing,
– Easy removal of Dacron self-adhesive patches without accidental peeling of deck surface paint.

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Shipping weight12 kg
Dimensions100 × 16 × 16 cm