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monoSRC™ SAILS, Suit A (No.1)

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monoSRC™ SAILS, Suit A (No.1) – ‘3Dmf Tech’ powered by Sailboat RC

monoSRC™ IOM sails, Suit A (No.1) – a unique one-piece technology of production:

We create poetry with sails.

If purchased today, standard sails will be sent in around 25-30 days. If you order a mix of settings and many different sub-options we will ship within 30 days. Custom material & shaping sails are email advised, please contact us.

Jib and Mainsail use a wire luff encased in a pocket as standard. The wire is supplied with sails. Telltales are fitted to jib.
Under default, sails are made in materials: A(No1) Jib in 36 µm translucency, A(No1) Mainsail in 50 µm translucency.

The Luff pocket on Mainsail and Jib is made wide enough so you can keep your original rig wire in case of sail change, which is very good so you don’t lose your trim or angle of the mast.

If you want us to put your designated Sails Numbers & Country Code, please make sure you selected “Yes” under the required option in this item as a fee must be charged in order for us to do the work, we follow international class rules 100% for font, sizes and positioning and make this option very precise and stylish. If you leave “No”, we will not put your sails marks and will ship without them since there is no fee applied in that case. Thanks for understanding.


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The first sail making a mould for 3D monofilm sails was made in 2011. and slightly changed in 2012. It was designed to allow all IOM sails to be made using the same mould. After two years of extensive trials and testing of sails and improvement of sail manufacturing technology, it was clear that such designed sails could sometimes be difficult to trim. Thus we have started extensive testing of new shapes for our moulded sails, one mould for jib and another mould for mainsail (all marked as “mould 14”). Our aim was to have sails that could be easy to trim for various wind speeds using as flat as possible sail shapes having in mind light wind speed performance. In the year 2015 (mould 15) we have developed new sail shape that we truly believe are excellent all-around flatwater sails. In 2016. extensive research and development produced ‘Mold 16’ that is similar to ‘Mold 15’ but deeper, and these sails won World Championship in France, 2017. and European Championship in Croatia, 2018.! ‘Mold 19’ is deeper and better as AP (all-purpose) sails and tose sails were used in WC Brasil, Porto Alegre 2019. where they dominated with 1st and 2nd place as well.

New sailmaking technology was developed in mid-2014 allowing easy exchange of the sails making a mould from one to another. Manufacturing time was shortened and sails made using new technologies are generally better than the old ones.

Starting from 2015, translucency sail material is used for sailmaking. (Similar material is used by most other IOM sailmakers.)

Sailmaking mould made in 2012. was being used as a standard option up to December 2014. Sails made from December 2014. to the end of March 2015. have been made using ‘Mold 2014.’ and after that, we were using ‘Mold 2015.’ as standard. After January 2016. we changed to ‘Mold 16’ because such new sails proved better in the majority of wind speeds and other conditions.

After January 2020. we switched to mould ‘Mold 19’ and they were called All-around (AP-all purpose) sails.

At late October we finished a new machine for even better 3D forming of sails and it was confirmed as innovation from the European Union. We protected our innovation with trademark: monoSRC™ SAILS! You have now three types of sails: All-around, Light and Heavy shaping and they all work the best according to the conditions in which you sail the most, so please read more about each type once you start to select jib & mainsail shaping options.

Sailboat RC will continue our extensive R&D of new sail shapes and material processing, but you can be sure that sails offered on our website as factory “standard” (default) are the best option for most weather conditions. Our in