Thank you for being part of our story this year as well, it was a crazy ride from a start! 🙂

2019. ended as a massive success for Sailboat RC Crew!

As the year draws to end, we would like to thank you for the trust you have given to Sailboat RC.

We will continue to innovate and always strive to provide a professional RC sailing experience with our projects and manufactured items that are helping to build up this mixture of technical culture and sport which we all love so much. It is our pleasure to provide you with our high-quality sailboats, unique sails, great fittings, accessories and all other goodies when the need arises. That is the only way to spread the RC sailing community while it evolves more and we will never stop on this mission, be it with volunteering for kids or with those little bit bigger “boys & their toys”! 😉

Considering 2019. is behind us now, let us try and check some of the most amazing achievements and milestones we made this year. The list goes chronologically and we want to do this recap now so that it becomes tradition as many of you were part of our global family, thank you for being on board with us and supporting us, here is what our crew did so far:

Open CRO Championship for IOM Class 2019
March 2019 – Rijeka, Croatia


Results of the XX World Championship – F5-E
June 2019. – Wągrowiec, Poland

RankSailNrNameCountryPtsHullFinal Points
6GER93WEISS OliverGERMANY81.056.0
7GER 124AMENDA JensGERMANY90.063.0
9HUN 31FORRAI CsabaHUNGARY106.0K278.0
11UKR 42KADANTSEV AndriyUKRAINE155.0109.0
14HUN74FORRO KrisztianHUNGARY171.0123.0
15UKR 234KOVAL DmytroUKRAINE178.0K2134.0
16POL 96JERECZEK BartlomiejPOLAND201.0K2146.0
17HUN777ORSZAGH TiborHUNGARY238.7172.7
18RUS 19ERMAKOV IvanRUSSIA250.0191.0
19GER 13RUDOLPH FrankGERMANY253.0192.0
20GER11ROPKE UdoGERMANY301.0221.0
21UKR 37KOVAL AndriiUKRAINE308.0229.0
22RUS 02TATARKIN DmitriiRUSSIA306.0236.0
23GER7POSMIK CarstenGERMANY322.0247.0
24POL 48RAPACKI WieslawPOLAND346.0264.0
25AUT 20OBERREITER GeraldAUSTRIA357.0269.0
26POL 90ALBRECHT PawelPOLAND361.0270.0
27RUS 27SOKOLOV SergeyRUSSIA377.0289.0
28POL 122BECKER AndrzejPOLAND385.0302.0
29SVK 16JANKOVIC JozefSLOVAKIA406.0315.0
30RUS 119ERMAKOV DmitryRUSSIA424.0335.0
32FRA61PLIEU-SEVIN PatrickFRANCE489.0391.0
34FRA104KUCHMECKI IreneeFRANCE521.0421.0
35FRA 587LANOS DominiqueFRANCE538.0434.0
36UKR 142KOVALOV OleksandrUKRAINE542.0439.0
37LTU10KULESZ WladimirLITHUANIA562.0458.0


Regata Nazionale Modelvela Italia
October 2019. – Verbano Yacht Club Stresa


1000 Followers who liked our page! 🙂
(all organic, achievement which tells us we are doing something right)

V. Open IOM Hungarian Championship 2019.
October 2019. – OVE club, Hungary

Canadian Coastal Cup 2019.
October 2019. – Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

aaaand of course…
November 2019. – Porto Alegre, Brasil

TOP 10 PLACES as follows:
– 1st place: Zvonko Jelacic ?? from day one, sailing like a madman, pushing his green “K2” like it has jet propulsion, this unbelievable performance ended with the title of World Champion once again!!!?,

– 2nd place: Ante Kovačević ?? IOM expert behind his orange “K2” showed us that no one can get close to him in a fight for the silver medal and he managed even to push Zvonko into the sea this time avenging his dive at European Championship 2018., another achievement can be crossed on the list!! ?,

– 6th place: Paul Jones ?? the best from the Australian team, he was even close to entering TOP 3 in the final day, but nevertheless great result as he showed us all skill and persistence with great overall results,

– 7th place: Mirko Ukas ?? master and truly brilliant skipper who showed that his blue “Kantun S” is going to be a serious threat to all who dare to enter the very top of the World’s in Brazil.

What is more, this is the first title of the IOM Championship ever which was defended again by the same person & sailboat which makes us very proud since one does not simply unlock achievement which will go under label “historical”. 2017. Sailboat RC was World Champion, 2018. European Champion & Vice-Champion as well, 2019. World Champion & Vice-Champion…we tried to let this sentence “sink” to us, but it is still not going through our head what we have done. Of course, we could lament that our own sailing club in our hometown Split is trying to be forcefully shut down, but that is not our style and it never will be. 🙂
So, thank you all for support, honestly, RC sailing community was our big, big power and we love you all back!

December 2019. – Belgirate, Italy

All of us at Sailboat RC wish you and your family a happy Christmas and New Year! Of course, as promised at the beginning of this year, we want to thank you very much and that will not remain only on words. You can read more about the rewards of our promised prizes below.

Rewards & gifts are here, wohooo! 🙂

As some of you know, this was the first year we decided to make an online lottery which rewarded those who gave us their honest feedback. We greatly appreciate ALL sincere answers as that is the only way to advance forward, no matter that we were impressed with positive messages and feedback, we will find a way to improve, fear not, we listen closely to all of our clients. For those who did not follow up on this, please Like us on Facebook: Sailboat RC or Follow us on our Instagram: sailboat_rc as that way you will be updated with new lottery we will initiate in 2020 as well for all of our dear friends within global Sailboat RC family! 🙂

So, if you find your name below, expect a gift from us:

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Dear winners, please contact us for collecting your prizes! 😉

Well done to all participants and thank you for playing with us, hope it was fun for you and we will certainly learn from all suggestions and remarks you have given us.