Sailboat RC – Announcing the most colorful thing we’ve ever announced! 😉?️?


Dear RC sailors,

please meet our new friends; “The Martian” singing “Purple Rain”, infamous & (almost) unstoppable “T-1000”, brilliant “The Green Mile”, watch out if you are aimed by “Goldeneye” and many more! Take a look at what we have for you if you simply need more colors in your life right now. So, crazy names aside, we thought you need more choice and new ways to express your creativity within the world of RC sailing which is why there are two main discoveries we implemented within our new hull production technology after extensive preparations.
Allow us a moment to introduce the most amazing new colors palette which will be used together with our classic ones. Their aim is simple – to put more power in your hands while deciding on the looks of your new “Kantun 2” or “Kantun S” from Sailboat RC. Of course, whatever we do it is researched thoroughly before we use it and we pay great attention to details so your new color collection and special effects are indeed something you will love on your new IOM hull. For all of our dear RC sailors wanting to be a part of Sailboat RC global family and for all of you are already familiar with our work, we have nothing but high-grade pigment with excellent quality for our IOM sailboats which will ensure that vibrant eye-popping finish that we improved even more now! What is that, you want more?! No problem, how about high-quality epoxy pigment paste made from finely ground powders? Highly concentrated pigment ensures that no spots are visible on your hull and that light reflection looks truly out of this world.

But, why stop there we asked ourselves…unlike anything seen so far, we have also enabled an optional setting which will allow you to set Special Effects on your hull! You can pick any combination of hull color & special effects however your imagination flows and your inner being desires, so set it free! There are some innovative Flourescent effects and if you really like sunset and night sailing, we even got “Glow in the Dark” effect. Glow pigments absorb energy via UV Rays & Ambient Lighting and then release that energy back as a mild glow. Furthermore, for special shine and the metallic final touch, there is one last thing we have to mention: Fine Glitter! This thing has implemented technologies called “Super Sparkle” and “Shine” and it is most definitely not your average craft glitter! Made from finest Aluminum Polyester film, non-bleeding & non-particle melting, Cosmetic Grade and Non-Toxic materials, our Fine Glitter is also an amazing option if you have troubles recognizing your hull in the forest of other IOM yachts while at starting line of the regatta so it is functional as much as it looks beautiful.
Of course, we must add that nothing ever goes in our mind without consideration of performance & quality and you can rest assured that hull integrity, overall longevity and final smoothness will be tailored to perfection as no sacrifices must be allowed ever since “K2” will always leave you with that special feeling of controlling an extremely fast and agile RC sailboat after few races, no question about it. New hull colors and special effects are fitted to endure any challenge you put in front of your IOM hull and maintenance should be even easier now. We will also soon have improved UV protection level so that after a few years your color remains on a high level, there will be new updates for this as well, so follow us on our social media and subscribe to our newsletter on our website

P.S. There is a new option now for Bumper considering these changes, simply select “Similar to Selected Hull Color & Spec. Effects” if you want us to make your bumper based on your hull color and special effects selection here.

Please note – glow effect, glitter pigments, paste and other colors may appear different to the naked eye than on the screen!


⬇ ⬇ We will post our full list of colors and effects with their names right here below so you can check them out and then make the easier choices back on an item in webshop where you will pick them with your hull.  ⬇⬇


*Hoover with your mouse over any color to check its name*


*Hoover with your mouse over any effect to check its name*