Ever wondered about trim settings on your IOM RC Sailboat for hours just to realize there are 5 different answers and each has solid logic behind it? Well, we know exactly how you feel! Every level of advancement brings its own challenges and when you overcome more new doors of perception unlock for you. That is why we are not afraid to share this precious knowledge with all of you. Recently, we are being bombarded on a daily level by requests to teach you more about RC sailing set-up, tactics, tricks and secrets. It is impossible to share this many answers via email, so for all basic, advanced and more detailed explanations we decided to offer one major Masterclass to all of you willing to expand your knowledge base like never before!

Announcement summary & details

Basically, this announcement will start to pick up entries for all of you willing to come to beautiful Split, centre od Dalmatia region famous as touristic heaven of Mediterranean, the hearth of antic Europe, amazing culture, brilliant food and, as you will find out soon, many sweet spots for RC Sailing! So, let us dive in with more detail on our first picked option which we trust will suit most of you. COVID-19 is almost gone in Croatia, but then again, we never actually had any big troubles with this unfortunate pandemic so there are no concerns about that in Croatia. Our country already opened borders and everything is working almost full so there are no indicators of any big issues ahead. We hope many other countries will follow us soon to finish all of this once and for all so that we can learn from it. May it never happen again.

We are planning to do the start Masterclass event this year (27. May 2021.  –  1. June 2021.) in our warm and sunny hometown Split, daily averages for that week are around 26°C or 79°F, pretty good, huh? Don’t forget that the sun makes it perfect for shorts, it will be pretty warm weather & sunny, a true Mediterranean climate for enjoyment, swimming in the Adriatic sea and soaking in plenty of vitamin D, ha! 🙂       Details as follow:

Become true RC Sailing Master with your mentor #35canfly – Zvonko Jelačić!

Now, that being said, please do not hesitate to send us your suggestions on dates and anything else to our project manager Barbara here: [email protected]com
She will put you all on the list and we will share future updates with you, but for now, it is important that we hear from all of you who are interested to come and share this amazing experience as we plan to do it in a big style which means lots of practice, guidance, personalized training, amazing hotel, place to store your IOM, great offers and deals from Sailboat RC, excursions, Split walkthrough, gifts for each participant and many more bonus perks…
P.S. some of you will be able to bring brand new “K2” back home if you arrive without your IOM here or maybe even rent one here (LIMITED OFFER)! 😉

#join_now! & #no_regrets

Share us your thoughts now as we will have only 14 days to confirmations and adjustments and then send out payment requests individually for all of those applied. The list will be updated from NOW and those who decide to opt-out later on when asked to confirm with payment will be replaced by the next following person on the list. So, two weeks for any arrangements you have to make for the final decision and we are starting to contact all persons from the list who paid up until that date (hotel requires reservations of rooms since Split is worldwide famous as true summer destination). Of course, this is a limited offer for only around 15 of the most enthusiastic RC sailors who will be the fastest to apply to our project manager Barbara as she will take great care of who was first so what are you waiting for?! Go, go go! Emails should be sent with the following details:

  • Full name:
  • Country:
  • Application confirmation: YES (dates of arrival and dates of expected departure so we can assist you)
  • Suggestions for SRC Masterclass: (any possible changes which you would like, what is the main field of interest to you, do you plan to come with family or alone, do you require an IOM sailboat or you are bringing your own…)

– Send to Barbara: [email protected]com

MASTERCLASS schedule & information

SRC MasterClass schedule

June 2020.

(27 May 2021)
(28 May 2021)
(29 May 2021)
(30 May 2021)
(31 May 2021)
(1 June 2021)
Evening welcome party
MasterClass grand opening
9:30 – 12:00 Theory class:
+ Q&A*
(+20min pause for relaxation/snack)
12:00 -14:00
14:00 – 18:00
Sailing training*
9:30 – 12:00 Theory class:
+ Q&A*
12:00 -14:00
14:00 – 18:00
Sailing training*
9:30 – 12:00 Theory class: REGATA STRATEGY VS TACTIC
+ Q&A*
12:00 -14:00
14:00 – 18:00
Sailing training*
Free day
optional excursion**
9:30 – 12:00 
Theory class:
+ Q&A*
12:00 -14:00
14:00 – 18:00

LINK FOR PAYMENT: https://www.sailboatrc.com/product/src-masterclass-options/

*Depending on the weather conditions, the schedule is subject to change. The theory class may be in the morning and sailing training in the afternoon.

** Optional excursion for the day off. Day trip to the family farm/small restaurant with homemade Croatian recipes, the fee is 70 € (collected on sight before departure). It includes:

– transportation costs from Split to small backcountry village where the family restaurant is and back to Split

– welcome drinks (domestic grappa/brandy, several types)

– appetizer dalmatian prosciutto, Croatian cheese, Soparnik (traditional dalmatian magel pie)

– traditional Croatian lunch (homemade meat roast and potatoes on wooden fire) with Croatian wine and beer

– socializing with traditional Croatian sport – balote (a type of traditional bowling, in between meals)

Excursion duration of approx. 6 hours. (17 PM – 23 PM)

What you can expect from Masterclass:

  • 4 days of learning the theory and practice with IOM RC sailboats under the expert eye and complete guidance of Zvonko Jelacic, (triple & actual IOM World Champion and European Champion!)
  • 4 lunches with drinks
  • Q&A is open throughout the masterclass (there are no stupid questions and we cannot stress this enough!), we will start with basics and then adjust to the group (like this: “ELI5”, “Elementary School”, “Gymnasium”, “University” and “Professional” level). So, until the end of “SRC Masterclass 35” you will have lots of pro tips and experience since we will teach you many tricks to speed up faster, go around buoy perfectly, find the best wind on the regatta field, use advanced tactics, develop your own trim and many, many more…
  • a chance to purchase your brand new “K2” and bring it home back with you (LIMITED OFFER – ‘no need to bring big boxes with you’)
  • a possibility to rent-a-K2 from some of our local RC sailors here (LIMITED OFFER – restricted number)
  • A bag full of gifts from Sailboat RC to all participants (something to remember our good times together on each regatta later on!) 😉


  • 4 days of sailing training and theory class
  • 4 lunches

 470 €


  • 4 days of sailing training and theory class
  • 4 lunches
  • 5 nights in 4*hotel with breakfast and dinner

27.  May – 1. June (5 nights – bed and breakfast)

Double room – 900EUR

Single room –  780EUR

*prices are subject to change depending on the COVID 19 pandemic
*daily averages for this week in end May/start June in Split are around 26°C or 79°F