Dear RC sailors,

we have prepared some fresh news for you! Since there is upcoming European Championship within IOM class of radio controlled sailboats in beautiful Rogoznica, we have decided to give you the opportunity to rent some of our new K2 mean machines! So, there are several options which will be highlighted here as elegant solutions for all those who want to save up on baggage and avoid all the problems/costs that go with it:

Rental service:

  1. Kantun 2 [K2] – orange hull, ex CRO 42 number
  2. Kantun 2 [K2] – dark green hull, ex CRO 5 number

Renting service is set on 450EUR for whole EC (+200EUR insurance deposit which will be returned back for the undamaged boat), you can take any of these sailboats 3 days before EC starts. It comes fully equipped but we recommend your own reserve radio station+receiver no matter that it is plug&play. All electronics are also like with the current world champion Kantun 2 is set so there are no worries about that! 😉

Exclusive selling of the IOM boats (NO WAITING AT ALL!):

  • Kantun 2 [K2] – purple hull, CRO 4. The sailboat will be ready to purchase after the European Championship ends, it will go with 5% discount on total price of IOM Custom K2 order as it is almost as new! This is full package which means that it can only go with all rigs, sails, winch and rig box included (radio station, battery and boat stand are optional to take only), but this is actually great news as it will be used by Marko Matić, former European Champion in IOM class. SOLD OUT!
  • Kantun 2 [K2] – dark green hull, ex CRO 5 number – 7% price discount on a purchase of the fully prepared IOM Custom K2 order as the ‘full package’ goes with it. SOLD OUT!
  • Kantun 2 [K2] – green hull, ex CRO 35 number – this sailboat won the World Championship and it will have the same price as the new one, full package comes with it: rigs, new sails A & B suits which were put just before the World’s  and the used sails from W. Championship go as gift with it. SOLD OUT!
  • Kantun 2 [K2] – white hull – any selected equipment which you prefer, 5% price discount. SOLD OUT!

Please send us an email on [email protected] if you are interested in any of the sailboats for either purchasing or rentals so that we can arrange all details, thank you.

Premium IOM sailboat as ‘simple-way-to-order’ released:

So, basically, this is all that is needed to win RC regattas in IOM world! We improved our manufacturing processes and reduced the time of production, added some bonus perks but made Premium option without the ‘troubles’ of ordering the customized order and losing too much of your precious time! Keep calm and enjoy your order in just a few clicks away from you:

P.S. For those who like to know more here is the Tip of the day:

Did you know that if you are inside EU you can order with your company VAT number through our Cart and that your total will have 25% tax reduced from your total price that way? Stay smart…see you all at next regatta! 😉